Produkcja katalizatorów i katalityczne oczyszczanie gazów


We provide the following facilities for the treatment of VOC gases.

  • thermal afterburning
  • catalytic afterburning reversible / flow

Thermal afterburning.

Gases polluted by volatile organic compounds are preheated (e.g. in a heat exchanger heated by hot gases resulting from combustion), are then directed into a combustion chamber where using the installed burner or immersion heaters reaches a temperature process (abou 800st.C). Under the influence of high temperature VOC decays to CO2 and H2O, those gases, together with the exhaust gases from the burner are removed or or after passing through the heat exchanger their energy is used e.g. for preheating the contaminated gases or to heat the atmospheric air, that can be distributed on the production plant.

Catalytic afterburning reversible / flow.

Contaminated gases are given by the fan and valves to the catalytic reversing reactor . Reversible reactor composed of two tanks connected in the top part by channel which, flows air pumped through the fan. This part of the reactor together with the catalyst and gas burners or an electrical heater is a combustion chamber. The polluted air entered in the lower part of the reactor is heated on a ceramic heat exchanger, and after entering the combustion chamber if necessary is heated to operating temperature of the catalyst. In the catalytic bed organic compounds undergo oxidation (oxidation that gives you positive energy effect) and purified air leaves the chamber. Directly below the catalyst bed in the second part of the reactor is also a ceramic heat exchanger, who takes the heat from the heated purified air. After a certain time the gas flow in one direction Three-way valves located at the inlet to the reactor changing the direction of flow of contaminated gas to the opposite, what causing that the ceramic exchangers accumulates heat. If the concentration of organic compounds in the air is above 0.7 g/m3, this is enough to make the installation work autothermally i.e. without additional power consumption. Catalytic flow afterburning differs from reversible, that the reactor consists of one tank, thus no change occurs in the direction of gas flow to heat accumulation. Therefore, it is not possible to conduct the operation autothermal.


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